Becky Xu

Becky Xu, Law Clerk

[email protected]
416-598-0103 ext. 124

I work at Iler Campbell as a commercial real estate law clerk. My primary responsibilities include project management, conducting due diligence, preparing closing documents and coordinating closings, to list just a few!

The fast paced field of real estate law comes with great challenges. Each transaction that we coordinate is unique and requires attention to every detail. I work hard to provide great service to our clients at every step of this process. After over a decade in the field it’s still a thrill for me each time a deal comes together.

I am an associate member with the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario, an organization that supports high professional standards through education.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two children; and when I am not busy with piano lessons, ballet recitals, or swim meets, I find the time to indulge in reading, cooking and travelling.