Mariya Ivanova

Mariya Ivanova

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I had only been a Canadian for a couple of years when I joined Iler Campbell in 2008. I didn’t have much Canadian work experience when Brian and Celia took me on board but I was excited and eager to learn. In Bulgaria, where I’m from, I studied Civil law and so I was enthusiastic about having the chance to continue attaining knowledge in the legal field.

I started as a legal assistant, helping with real estate, corporate, and estates matters. Learning about the Common law system by practice was interesting, however, I felt that my lack of Canadian legal education was slowing me down. I made the decision to take a couple of years off: I would go back to school, but first, I had another important commitment to take care of - expanding my family.

My law clerk certification studies helped me to understand the Canadian legal system better. And as I learned more, my interests turned to the area of litigation with its many dynamics. It felt like the perfect fit for me. After graduating, I worked as a legal assistant and law clerk at another firm for about a year before I learned that Iler Campbell had a position available. I was very pleased they wanted me back. Returning to the firm felt like returning home.

Being able to help clients realize their goals brings me a great feeling of fulfilment. I enjoy bringing order to what sometime seem to be quite complicated puzzles. This is one of the incentives which drives me to continue learning and advancing my knowledge as part of the Iler Campbell team. It’s also because our clients are community builders who simply care about everyone’s tomorrow. I am proud to be part of a group which turns principles - both our own and our clients’ - into genuine creations, and which turns ideas into actions with real results.