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Useful links


Canada Customs and Revenue Agency's Charities and Giving guide for the rules and policies affecting registered charities, and the forms for registering. There’s also a searchable database of all registered charities in Canada.

The Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee is responsible for overseeing charities operating in Ontario. This site contains its bulletins to charities.

Charity Village - Canada's "supersite" for charities and non-profits organizations: news, jobs, directories.

Charity Commission for England and Wales - the U.K. body responsible for overseeing and registering charities. Some very useful guides, and summaries of British law and practice.

Imagine Canada is a national registered charity whose mission is to advance knowledge and relationships to foster effective and sustainable charitable and non-profit organizations. They do policy work that looks into and out for charities and non-profits.

Website of the Social Science Research Network containing links to articles (full-text and abstracts) of articles on legal issues pertaining to charities.


The Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act

Ontario's co-operatives are regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. This site contains a guide to incorporating a co-operative, some templates for co-operative offering statements and fillable forms related to co-operatives.

Ontario Co-operative Association is the umbrella organization for Ontario co-operatives.

The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada is the umbrella organization for Canada's housing co-operatives.

The Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto has lots of resources, including the Co-op Housing Bookstore.

WindShare is an innovative, for-profit wind power co-operative, the first of its kind in Canada. They develop locally owned wind power projects that are scaled to the size and characteristics of the host community.

Corporate Law

Corporations Canada has guides, policies, and forms for all federal corporations at their website.

The Federal Corporations Database contains an easily searchable database of federal corporations, including their directors.

Ontario offers electronic searching and registration of its corporate database through Cyberbahn, which is a subscription-based service.

Courts and Case law

Guide to Ontario Courts

Ontario Courts - Fees and Information.

Canlii is a website containing database of cases and decisions of courts and various tribunals from across Canada. Also contains links to case law of courts and tribunals in other countries.

Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada - Judgements

Federal Court of Canada - very limited jurisdiction - mainly civil cases involving the federal government.

Court of Appeal for Ontario - hears criminal and civil appeals from lower level Ontario courts.

Superior Court of Justice - deals with more serious criminal cases, and cilvil litigation outside of the Small Claims Court jurisdiction.

Ontario Court of Justice - deals with most criminal and family law matters in Ontario.

Small Claims Court - has jurisdiction over cases where less than $25,000 is involved. It is informal, and inexpensive.

Employment and Labour

Employment Insurance Jurisprudence Library - a useful database of decisions on employment insurance, and related human rights issues.

Ontario Labour Relations Board - responsible for most matters related to unionized workplaces.

Employment Standards Branch - Ontario Ministry of Labour - includes a guide to the new Employment Standards Act, which establishes basic rights and working conditions for employees in Ontario.

Pay Equity Commission (Ontario)

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Environmental law

The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario is the province's independent environmental watchdog. Appointed by the Legislative Assembly, the ECO is tasked with monitoring and reporting on compliance with the Environmental Bill of Rights, and the government's success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in achieving greater energy conservation in Ontario.

The Environmental Registry contains "public notices" about environmental matters being proposed by all government ministries covered by the Environmental Bill of Rights. The public notices may contain information about proposed new laws, regulations, policies and programs or about proposals to change or eliminate existing ones.


Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association represents the interests of non-profit housing providers in Ontario.

The Landlord and Tenant Board website contains very useful information on the rights of tenants and obligations of landlords, and include all of the forms that are required to be used under the Residential Tenancies Act.

The website of the Housing Services Corporation, which was created in January 2012 to address the evolving needs of its clients under the Housing Services Act. A successor to the Social Housing Services Corporation (SHSC), HSC builds on SHSC’s 9 years of experience in delivering programs to social housing and working with different levels of government, the public and the private sector.

The website of the Shelter, Support and Housing Administration (SSHA) Division of the City of Toronto, containing links to useful information for social housing providers in the City of Toronto.

Human Rights and Constitutional Law

Intellectual Property

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office – a site maintained by the federal government and useful for searching copyright, trademarks and patents. Also contains links to the relevant legislation and government policies.

Laws (including Bylaws, Regulations and Proposed Laws)

Canada: all federal statutes and regulations.

Bills before the House of Commons and Senate.

Canlii is website containing legislation and regulations federally and of each of the provinces. Also contains links to legislation in other countries.

Canada Gazette - where new federal Regulations, and other Canadian Government official notices are published.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - the full text.

Ontario: all statutes

Legislative Assembly of Ontario - for Bills before the Legislature.

Ontario Hansard - verbatim report of proceedings in the Ontario Legislature.

Regulations made under Ontario statutes.

Ontario Gazette Online - where new Ontario Regulations, and other Ontario Government official notices are published.

The City of Toronto has consolidated its bylaws into a Municipal Code.

Legal Aid

Non-Profit Organizations

The Ministry of Consumer Services’ website on the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 contains information and resources, including a transition checklist for the Act which comes into effect on July 1, 2013.

The Not-for-Profit Incorporator's Handbook is published by the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services jointly with the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee.

Website of the Social Science Research Network containing links to articles (full-text and abstracts) of articles on legal issues pertaining to non-profits.


Real Estate

Land Registration Information (Ontario)

Tarion Warranty Corporation - Formerly Ontario New Home Warranty Program.


Income Tax:
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency - formerly Revenue Canada - has all its policies and publications available online.

Property Tax (Ontario):
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation - the body responsible in Ontario for establishing property assessments. Includes a searchable database of the assessed value of properties throughout the province.