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When I researched law firms for my hoped for charitiy, Iler Campbell was the name I kept hearing recommended. Now I know why.

Miranda Hill
Founder and Former Executive Director
Project Bookmark Canada

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Iler Campbell Attends 2024 Winter Workshops Conference!

On Saturday, January 27, 2024, CHF will be hosting about three hundred co-op members who will be attending the Winter Workshops Conference and AGM. We’re proud to participate in this unique opportunity that sheds light on all aspects of a housing co-op’s operations.

Safia Lakhani will be discussing co-op evictions, specifically, the ins and outs of a co-ops internal process, which is followed by the process at the Landlord and Tenant Board. Michael Hackl will be discussing the balance between an individual’s rights to consume and grow cannabis and a co-ops rights to institute controls over production. More on Safia and Michael’s workshops can be read here. 

If you’re attending this years event, we welcome you to say hello!