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Co-op housing eviction reform bill passes third reading

September 25th, 2013 by Celia Chandler

Bill 14, which will reform the evictions process for co-operative housing passed its third reading on Tuesday and will be brought into force at a date to be determined. The law will take co-op evictions out of the courts and place them under the umbrella of the LTB.

Reaching this point, has taken a long time. MPP Michael Prue, speaking on Monday, recalled its genesis in 2004 and the many roadblocks it has faced along the way:

Between the time when it was promised by the government [2007], we’ve had prorogations, we’ve had elections being called, we’ve had bills reintroduced, we’ve had stalling, we’ve had filibusters, we’ve had everything else you can possibly imagine, only to come full circle today, where everybody is in approval of it.

MPP Bob Delaney perhaps summarized many people’s feelings when he said “It’s now time to stop hearing the sound of our voices in the Legislature, get this bill to committee, get it passed and get it enacted.”

As they were throughout these long years, CHF Ontario officials were present for the debate.