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The Pope on co-ops

March 4th, 2015 by Iler Campbell

In a speech last Saturday, Pope Francis praised co-operative organizations, saying that “the foundation of new cooperative enterprises, along with the further development of those already in existence” should be a “first place” priority of society. Co-operatives, he said,  should “continue to be the motor for lifting up and developing the weakest part of our local communities and of civil society”. In co-operatives, he said, “capital does not rule over people, but people over capital.”

He called for “creative imagination to find forms, methods, attitudes and tools to combat the throwaway culture cultivated by the powers that support the economic and financial policies of the globalised world.”

Hear, hear!

Client Profile: Options for Homes Non-Profit Corporation

July 10th, 2013 by Iler Campbell
Danforth Village Estates, one of Options' current projects, on  Danforth Road just north of Eglinton Avenue East.

Danforth Village Estates, one of Options’ current projects, on Danforth Road just north of Eglinton Avenue East.

Options for Homes Non-Profit Corporation (“Options”) is dedicated to providing quality condominium homes in great communities at the best possible price. Over 3,700 new homes have been built using their innovative model, creating great communities of people living in quality homes that are affordable.

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Offering Statements for Co-ops 101

March 22nd, 2013 by Iler Campbell

Brian recently presented a webinar offering statements for co-operatives to the CoopZone Legal Network. Offering statements can be a powerful tool for financing a project from the grassroots.  If you’re curious about how to go about raising money through an offering statement give Brian’s presentation a read (pdf) or give us a call.

UPDATE: CoopZone has made a transcript of this webinar avialble. Check it out (pdf). Also see a sample offering statement  here.

Join the GTA Co-op Network

March 12th, 2013 by Iler Campbell LLP

A few members from various co-ops came together recently to create the GTA Co-op Network, with a mission to create online and offline networking and education events.

This informal group came out of the realization that there is a gap in networking and promotion between Toronto & GTA co-ops, and a need to educate the general public about co‑ops.

The GTA Co-op Network’s first step was creating a Facebook group page.

The next step is to host some great events all over the GTA, to promote + educate.

Please feel free to email the GTA Co-op Network Facebook page for more information or/and, if you would like to volunteer, offer space, or  have a great idea to spread the word about GTA Co-ops: [email protected]

If you’re not a fan of Facebook, the organizers have also set up a Google email group account.  You can join the group here.

Please feel free to join even if you are outside of the GTA.

The “Unco-operative Co-oper”

October 17th, 2012 by Celia Chandler

Ever had a housing co-op member who dominated the board agenda with demands for action? How about someone who bullied the co-op’s staff either in person or on-line? And then there are those who bombard other members of the co-op with endless paper or who post endless notices in the co-op’s hallways?

If these circumstances sound familiar, you are not alone. More and more of our housing co-op clients are reporting having members who take up valuable board energy and time at the expense of other matters being dealt with. If you’re interested in sharing ideas about the “uncop-operative co-oper” please join us Saturday at the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto’s Fall Member Education Event. For more information, check out the CHFT website at:

Report from international summit in Quebec City: ‘The Amazing Power of Co-operatives’

October 15th, 2012 by Brian Iler

Last week’s International Summit of Co-operatives(subtitled “The Amazing Power of Co-operatives”) was clearly designed to put the co-operative model front and centre on the world’s economic policy agenda. The Summit, held in Quebec City, did just that.

2012 is the UN-declared International Year of Co-operatives, and this conference was in many ways the Year’s marquee event — for the world.

For me, active for many years in Ontario co-ops, it was an opportunity to rub shoulders with an amazing and diverse group of committed co-operators. And to deeply savour the scope and potential the co-op model has.

As the catch-phrase for the Year says: “Co-operative Enterprises Build a Better World.”

We heard many examples of just that.