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Client Profile: Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre

April 17th, 2019 by Iler Campbell

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The idea of the Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre (PARC) was born in 1977 when a group of volunteers observed the large number of adults living in Parkdale rooming houses and boarding homes. Many were survivors of the psychiatric system, had little money, few family contacts and no real place to go and connect with peers.

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Elder Law: Law Commission to Consult the Public on Capacity Issues

July 8th, 2014 by Lauren Blumas

Making decisions on behalf of an elderly family member as he or she becomes incapable of doing so is a familiar issue for many of our clients. This is particularly fragile territory for housing providers as their tenant and member populations age. They have the tough job of working with tenants and members and their families as the issue of incapacity arises. This can lead to major conflict, some of which ends up in the courts.

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Client Profile: Amsterdam Square Apartments Inc.

March 18th, 2014 by Iler Campbell
A full page ad in The Globe for "Toronto's most modern apartments" -- September 30, 1925. Click to view the full page (pdf).

A full page ad in the Globe for “Toronto’s most modern apartments” — September 30, 1925. Click to view the full page (pdf).

Amsterdam Square Apartments Inc. (ASAI) was founded in 1984 by the tenants who occupied the stately but somewhat neglected building on St. Clair Ave. West in Toronto, adjacent to Amsterdam Square Parkette on Avenue Road. The building had been erected in an astonishing four months in the summer of 1925: the permit had been issued in early June, and the building was almost fully occupied by the end of September the same year. It was advertised in the Globe newspaper as “Toronto’s Most Modern Apartments,” boasting central refrigeration, automatic elevators, and a valet who was to “make himself useful generally.” It was operated as a rental apartment building for six decades.

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Client Profile: Mainstay Housing

July 29th, 2013 by Iler Campbell

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Mainstay Housing is a non-profit agency working with people who live with mental health and addiction issues and who are deeply affected by poverty.  Mainstay provides housing and ongoing support and opportunities to be part of a community.  Mainstay’s rents are geared-to-incomes and are subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.  Tenants live independently in a variety of housing options with flexible support from Mainstay’s supportive housing workers.  Mainstay is the single largest non-profit provider of supportive housing in Ontario with 1100 residents living in 867 households of singles, couples and families in 41 residential locations across Toronto.  In addition, Mainstay has 88 additional apartments in the private rental market.  Professional staff, from caretakers and maintenance workers, to admin and support staff, work together to ensure the properties Mainstay’s tenants call home are safe, quality places to live.

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Client Profile: Options for Homes Non-Profit Corporation

July 10th, 2013 by Iler Campbell
Danforth Village Estates, one of Options' current projects, on  Danforth Road just north of Eglinton Avenue East.

Danforth Village Estates, one of Options’ current projects, on Danforth Road just north of Eglinton Avenue East.

Options for Homes Non-Profit Corporation (“Options”) is dedicated to providing quality condominium homes in great communities at the best possible price. Over 3,700 new homes have been built using their innovative model, creating great communities of people living in quality homes that are affordable.

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Client Profile: Hesperus Village

June 21st, 2013 by Iler Campbell

Hesperus Village

Hesperus Village in Vaughan, Ontario is a seniors’ affordable housing residence offering an independent lifestyle and a rich quality of life. Half of the apartments are rent-geared-to-income units. Located adjacent to the Toronto Waldorf School, Hesperus is surrounded by a protected green space on a wooded ravine along the East Don River.

Hesperus residents may choose to enjoy communal meals and many participate in a variety of social, cultural, spiritual, and gardening activities. Hesperus balances the strengths of a strong institutional organization with the nurturing aspects of a caring community. Residents experience the aging process with dignity and grace. Hesperus encourages interaction between the generations, people of diverse cultures, people on various spiritual paths, and those with a variety of interests, skills and talents. Hesperus residents enjoy the security of an on-site medical clinic with three physicians offering both conventional and holistic care. Trained personal support workers are also available as needed.

Hesperus founders were inspired by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) whose spiritual world view – called Anthroposophy – is reflected in the architecture of the residence building, biodynamic gardening, healthy foods, festival celebrations, and the value of communal life.

Iler Campbell LLP is pleased that Hesperus found our firm in 2012, bringing to us a range of questions and issues from how to operate a seniors’ facility in a manner that complies with human rights requirements to government relations questions and commercial real estate transactions. Our relationship, while relatively new, is strengthening as we develop our understanding of Hesperus’ work and the philosophy that underpins it.

Visit Hesperus’ website to learn more and see more photos of its facilities.