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Brian Iler reelected to SolarShare board of directors

June 25th, 2013 by Iler Campbell

We’re pleased to announce that Brian has been reelected to the board of directors of SolarShare Co-operative. SolarShare is a not-for-profit co-operative corporation with the express goal of growing community-based solar electricity generation in Ontario by engaging residents and investors in projects that offer tangible financial, social, and environmental returns. Since 2010, SolarShare has been developing and installing solar power projects across the province. SolarShare is a project of TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative.

Along with Brian’s reelection, SolarShare President Mike Brigham also announced four new projects that will bring SolarShare’s total portfolio to 1.59 MW and $10 million invested by August 2013.

Brian has been on the Board of Directors of TREC and SolarShare since their inception and he is a founding director of Toronto’s innovative wind energy co-op, Windshare, which co-owns the wind turbine on Toronto’s waterfront. He’s also a past chair of Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, and a founding director of the Community Power Fund.

Offering Statements for Co-ops 101

March 22nd, 2013 by Iler Campbell

Brian recently presented a webinar offering statements for co-operatives to the CoopZone Legal Network. Offering statements can be a powerful tool for financing a project from the grassroots.  If you’re curious about how to go about raising money through an offering statement give Brian’s presentation a read (pdf) or give us a call.

UPDATE: CoopZone has made a transcript of this webinar avialble. Check it out (pdf). Also see a sample offering statement  here.

The Butterfly Effect: How a single wind turbine led to Ontario’s Green Energy Act

September 11th, 2012 by Brian Iler

Great post at David Dodge’s Green Energy Futures about WindShare, TREC and the community power movement in Ontario.  The whole green Energy Futures series is worth a look.

Check it out.