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Lake Simcoe five years later: Limitless growth causes limitless problems

June 17th, 2013 by Laura Bowman

This upcoming December will mark the fifth anniversary of the Lake Simcoe Protection Act (LSPA), the passage of which led to the implementation of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan. This legislation was the result of a lot of hard grassroots work by many people in the community.

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment claims that actions under the LSPA and the Plan have resulted in decreasing levels of total phosphorous in the spring, more naturally reproduced sport fish and increasing deep water oxygen levels. These are important steps toward a healthy Lake Simcoe, but do these claims stand up to scrutiny? How much real progress has been made toward protecting Lake Simcoe, and is there room for improvement?

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Uncertain environmental impacts remain difficult to challenge

December 14th, 2011 by Laura Bowman

Liard First Nation v. Yukon Territory (Minister of Energy, Mines & Resources), 2011 YKSC 55 (pdf)

The Liard First Nation is in the southeast Yukon. The First Nation participated in the territorial environmental assessment (EA) of a proposed quartz mine by Selwyn Chihong in the Howard’s pass area near Watson Lake.  After consultations with Liard FN the Yukon designated office approved the environmental assessment report. There were numerous outstanding environmental questions at the end of the environmental assessment process. The main dispute in the case was the deferral of controversial water and pollution issues to licensing. The Liard FN alleged that the approval of the environmental assessment was unreasonable and breached the duty to consult and accommodate.

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Ten Years after the Walkerton Tragedy

May 27th, 2010 by Paula Boutis

The contamination of Walkerton’s well water has been back in the news lately as we are upon the 10 year anniversary of that community’s tragedy. The contamination of the water supply caused widespread illness in the community and even deaths.

The subsequent inquiry into the tragedy, lead by Justice Dennis O’Connor, dealt not only with the specific facts which lead to the contamination of the well water in Walkerton, but also with wider issues of concern regarding water safety and protection.

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