Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Participant Funding Announced

March 1st, 2012 by Iler Campbell LLP

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission participant funding program (pdf) was introduced in the 2011 federal budget bill.  Amendments to the Nuclear Safety and Control Act allow participants in CNSC hearings to apply for funding under the program.

Participants may be eligible for funding for professional fees including legal advice and analysis.  Anyone can request to intervene at a public hearing of the CNSC Commission participant Tribunal.

Iler Campbell LLP has significant experience addressing nuclear law issues. Laura Bowman has prepared submissions for a number of CNSC hearings, presented nuclear law issues to universities and community groups and has authored a very extensive evaluation of existing CNSC environmental regulatory practices.   Nuclear law is a constantly evolving and highly specialized area and we have the skills to assist your group with their submissions.

For more information on the participant funding program at the CNSC and how we can assist you with your participation please contact us.

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