Iler Campbell at Golden Horseshoe Winter Workshop

February 5th, 2014 by Lauren Blumas

The Golden Horseshoe Co‑operative Housing Federation hosted its annual housing Winter Workshop conference on January 25, 2014. Despite the weather, the turnout was impressive. The workshops covered a range of practical topics including re‑financing, member participation, arrears, the duty to accommodate (presented by Iler Campbell) and the legal implications of hoarding (presented by Iler Campbell).

As a first timer at a housing co‑op conference, it was exciting to see the level of engagement in the workshops and the sense of community among the participants. In our session on hoarding, the participants shared their own experience with hoarder members and their efforts as a community to resolve the behaviour. Many co‑ops had made great efforts to accommodate their hoarder members and created solutions consistent with their obligations under the Human Rights Code.

Celia Chandler will be on the road again presenting on Human Rights and other co‑op legal issues at the Staff Education Forum in Ingersoll Wednesday, February 12. Check back for updates on where we’ll be next!

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