ONN: Breaking New Ground: Outcomes from Government-Sector Open for Business Roundtable

September 18th, 2012 by Iler Campbell LLP

The Ontario Nonprofit Network announces their full support for the Open for Business not-for-profit sector final report:

Jointly led by the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation and the ONN, the Open for Business sector strategy resulted in solutions within five key areas that will both streamline government-sector public benefit services in Ontario and foster new opportunities for the nonprofit sector to create community wealth across the province.

In a video message Premier Dalton McGuinty praised the nonprofit sector not only for its contribution to the economy, generating nearly $50 billion each year, but also for creating a better quality of life for Ontario families.

The sector made substantive recommendations through the Open for Business process in five key areas:

  • Streamline and modernize government-sector funding relationships
  • Expand Infrastructure Ontario’s Loan Program to new subsectors in Ontario’s nonprofit sector
  • Allow broader public sector access to the provincial vendor of record
  • Maximize public investment returns for government surplus lands
  • Clarify provincial regulatory and legislative requirements related to police records checks for volunteers

In all areas, both government and nonprofit sector representatives discussed and debated the recommendations and, through joint efforts, approved solutions that addressed each one.

Read the full release here.

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