The Responsible Housing Provider — Trespass Authorization: A Possible Tool for Housing Providers

December 6th, 2013 by Lauren Blumas

Housing providers which have had difficulty controlling bad behaviour of non-occupants on their property (ie. loitering or criminal activity) may want to consider signing a Trespass to Property Authorization form with their local Police Services Division. The form provides authorization to police to remove or arrest anyone that does not live and is improperly on the premises. Essentially, the form enables police to act as an agent for housing providers in enforcing the Trespass to Property Act. Once signed, officers may include the housing provider’s property on their patrol route, moving along non-occupant trespassers on their own initiative.

The particular rules governing the authorization vary from division to division however they are always revocable. This means the authorization can be in place for a short period of time where an increased police presence is necessary.

For many housing providers, this type of police authorization will not be desirable in addressing anti-social behaviour. On the other hand, particularly for those providers struggling to curb criminal activity on the premises, the authorization may be a helpful tool alongside eviction procedures against occupants enabling or engaging in the bad behaviour. In either case increased police presence may be perceived as intrusive by the occupants and the interests of the community at large must be carefully weighed prior to signing the authorization.

If you are interested in obtaining a form, make the request to your local police services division.

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