Cannabis Legalization: What Social Housing Providers Need to Know

April 27th, 2018 by Iler Campbell

Celia Chandler recently participated in a webinar titled “Cannabis Legalization: What Social Housing Providers Need to Know.” A video of the webinar is now up on Housing Services Corporation’s Sustainable Housing Asset Resource Exchange (SHARE) website.  Celia is joined on the webinar by Brian Laur, Housing Services Corporation’s Director of Insurance Services.

Watch the webinar and download the presentation here.

Read more about the webinar:

We’re not sure when, but we know it’s coming. Legalized cannabis in social housing remains a concern for many housing administrators. For social housing administrators, there are many unknowns including its implications for operating and managing the housing asset and tenancies.

This webinar is designed to inform and address considerations with respect to regulation and insurance as they relate to social housing. Speakers will share their insights about the regulatory areas that housing providers should be aware of and the implications from a property risk management perspective.

You will learn about:

  • the Canadian legislation, government plans and timelines for legalization
  • the areas of obligations- human rights, tenant/member & buildings
  • property management issues (community, property damage, costs and liability)
  • property risk management implications
  • practical measures for managing risk

This is webinar is designed for housing administrators, housing providers, property management staff and Boards to help them understand and make sense of the cannabis law reform to inform their operating and administration policy and practices.

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