CoopZone offering co-op development courses

July 28th, 2014 by Lauren Blumas

CoopZone Developers’ Network Co-operative is a network of people and organizations in the co-op sphere with a common goal of supporting the growth and development of co-operatives across Canada. The Network provides services which can help you to start a co-op or to nurture and grow an existing one. As a member of the CoopZone Legal Network Steering Committee, I can attest to the value of the services and expertise the Network provides. The CoopZone Legal Network and the Developers Network are designed to bring together organizations and experienced professionals to share their knowledge and service co-operative entrepreneurs.

For those interested in co-op development, CoopZone is offering three online training courses beginning in September and October. An introduction to co-op development course (late October through March) is a great fit for co-op staff and for others interested in understanding the types and roles of co-operatives and the basic co-op development process. Two higher level courses, which run for 1 and 2 full academic years, are aimed at those who wish to learn how to help others start co-operatives.  All courses are designed to fit around a full-time job.

CoopZone is holding an information webinar  on August 15th at 12 noon Eastern Time for 60-90 minutes.  RSVP to Hazel Corcoran ([email protected]) by August 14th to attend.  Any questions should be directed to Course Director Peter Hough at [email protected].

For more about the courses, and to apply, visit their website:


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