Client Profile: Ontario Organizational Development Program

March 7th, 2014 by Iler Campbell

The Ontario Organizational Development Program (OODP) was established in 1995 as a government response to requests from AIDS service organizations (ASOs) and programs for long-term organizational development resources.

OODP’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of HIV/AIDS organizations and programs in Ontario to determine their direction with awareness and to foster a culture within HIV/AIDS organizations and programs in Ontario to take responsibility for their own organizational development. They provide consulting services as well as online resources in service of this goal.

OODP consultants have direct experience and expertise in HIV/AIDS, organizational development, training and facilitation, as well as sensitivity to the realities of ASOs. OODP consultants include people living with HIV/AIDS and come from varied cultural identities reflective of the diversity of communities served by AIDS service organizations and programs.

OODP retained Iler Campbell only about a year ago, but in that time, we’ve been pleased to have been called upon to help with a number of general corporate and governance matters. We look forward to a long and productive relationship!

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