Olivia for Mayor

October 23rd, 2014 by Brian Iler

I wholeheartedly support Olivia Chow for Mayor, and urge you to vote for her on Monday.

I’ve had the opportunity of working closely with Olivia for many years, and know how committed to social justice she is.

I also know how effective she can be.

She has earned our support.

John Tory is no progressive.

His refusal to be clear on his position on our waterfront is worrying

I read his “More study needed (on Deluce’s jets pitch), per Council’s unanimous April decision” as code for “I support anything Bob Deluce wants to do.”

Deluce’s Porter Air is a Bay Street project, through and through ‑ OMERS, EdgeStone Capital, Dancap, and GE Capital are, aside from the taxpayer,  its key investors. And John Tory is Bay Street’s candidate.

His proud acceptance of our waterfront’s arch-enemy Lisa Raitt was revealing, too.

He refuses to declare a conflict of interest even though his son is CEO of a business at the Island Airport, and has lobbied the City on behalf of Porter.

If he wins, we do expect he’ll try to jam Deluce’s jets though in his first few months as mayor. That tactic is certainly one he admires ‑ see this clip from last February:

“I think Mr.  Deluce [referring to Porter CEO Robert Deluce] was right the first time by trying to move this on very quickly and trying to have it dealt with last fall, because the closer you get to an election, the more time that passes, it becomes more and more an emotional issue where you have signs, you have public meetings, a lot of people yelling and shouting – we saw that at City Hall last week”

Let’s elect a Mayor who shares our values and our goals for our City.

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