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Thanks from Celia

November 26th, 2018 by Celia Chandler

As you know from the Iler Campbell LLP blog last week,  my husband, Jack Sikorski, died last Monday, November 19, 2018.  Originally diagnosed with lung cancer in early 2016, Jack’s cancer spread this year and I spent the last 10 weeks at home. I’m grateful for the time I was able to spend with Jack, including being with him and his children at his medically assisted death. As Canadians, we are so fortunate to have this choice now. 

Thank you for your expressions of concern over these months and particularly in the last few days. How comforting to receive support from such a large circle of friends, many with your own cancer stories.   Thanks to clients who agreed to work with my colleagues in my absence and of course, to those colleagues for so ably picking up my work. I am indeed privileged.  

I am devastated and exhausted but also back at work, not knowing quite what else to do with myself and knowing that I’d feel better back in my comfort zone. Please feel free to direct your legal inquiries to me again and I will do my very best to serve you.  

Thank you again, Celia

A sad day at Iler Campbell

November 20th, 2018 by Iler Campbell

Celia’s husband, Jack, passed away on Monday November 19th. All of us at Iler Campbell knew and loved Jack. We, along with many others, will miss him very much.

Our office will be closed Thursday, November 22 beginning at noon so that we may gather to remember him.

Jack’s full obituary is below.

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Meet Brynn Leger – our articling student

October 11th, 2018 by Iler Campbell

By now, many of our clients will have had the opportunity to work with our articling student, Brynn Leger. Brynn started with us in July and her articling term runs until May next year. Regular readers of our blog will also recognize her name; she’s authored two of our recent articles. Read the rest of this entry

Articling position filled for 2019-2020

August 16th, 2018 by Iler Campbell

We were gratified to receive a strong field of articling student candidates again this year. Of the 137 (!) applications we received we conducted 10 interviews. Our top choice, Karly Wilson, accepted our offer. We’re looking forward to working with her and are confident she will make a great contribution when she arrives in a year’s time, joining the ranks of some terrific students we’ve had over the years.

In the meantime, some lucky clients of ours will have the privilege of working with Brynn Leger, our current articling student. She joined us in July and her articling term runs until May next year. Stay tuned to our blog for more about Brynn and for articles from Brynn over the next months.

Iler Campbell LLP is unusual as a place where young lawyers can gain experience working for non-profits, charities, co-ops, social enterprises and the like. We see hiring articling students as an obligation to the legal profession and to the progressive organizations that we serve. It allows us to give our clients quality, supervised work at lower cost, and have great satisfaction in knowing that even if we don’t hire back, we have contributed to someone’s early start in law.

Our tagline is “A law firm for those who want to make the world a little bit better.” Articling here and in other like-minded firms helps build a cadre of advocates for that better world.

Thank you to all those who applied for a position for the 2019-2020 articling period. We wish all those seeking articling positions the best of luck in their search. We will advertise again next May for the 2020-2021 articling period.

What can you expect from articling with Iler Campbell?

May 4th, 2018 by Iler Campbell

In short: to do meaningful work for organizations making a difference in their community, while being mentored by a passionate team of practitioners.

As the only student in a small general service firm, you’ll get a taste of all our practice areas, including charity & non‑profit law, commercial law, real estate, human rights, landlord and tenant law, employment law, construction, corporate governance & structuring, estate law and civil litigation.

You’ll be exposed to all the firm’s major client groups, including housing co‑operatives, affordable housing developers, non‑profit organizations in a variety of industries, and progressive for‑profit organizations.

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Iler Campbell spring event roundup

April 12th, 2018 by Iler Campbell

Iler Campbell lawyers have a busy spring conference season. Here’s a roundup of where you can find us leading workshops.

Celia is presenting on Cannabis in housing at the Institute of Housing Management Annual Conference on April 13th and then flying to Winnipeg to speak on the same topic for the CHF Canada 2018 Manitoba Spring Education Event on April 14th. She’ll be co‑leading a free webinar on the topic with Brian Laur, Director of Insurance Services for Housing Services Corporation on April 18 as part of HSC’s webinar series.

Michael will be speaking at AdvantAge Ontario’s Annual General Meeting and Convention on April 18 on the topic of addressing senior resident’s behavior issues.

Celia will be part of a panel on residential landlord-tenant dispute resolution at the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association’s Congress on Housing and Homelessness in Ottawa on April 26th.  We will also be participating in the tradeshow on April 25th.

Shelina and Claudia are presenting at CHFT’s Spring Member Education Event on Saturday April 28th. Shelina is co‑presenting a workshop on social media with Sophie Taylor of PHCH and Shelina and Claudia are presenting on legal cannabis and co‑ops.

On May 11 Celia will be in Sudbury speaking about human rights in housing for CHF Ontario.

Celia will be at CHFC’s AGM in Victoria, BC. She’ll be presenting June 7th on smoking and cannabis in co-ops on and on human rights in co‑ops.