Positive developments for Ontario’s non‑profit housing sector

March 14th, 2016 by Celia Chandler

In an announcement today by Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister McMeekin, the province announced a number of changes to its Affordable Housing Strategy; these changes will surely work to ease the burden on our overstretched non‑profit housing providers.

Many of these initiatives are ideas that have been kicked around for awhile but haven’t had political support. Inclusionary zoning has been introduced in private members bills a number of times as discussed in our September 2014 rabble article. We’re pleased to see that McMeekin included it in his announcement today. Although it would be an option for municipalities, not mandatory, it has the potential of a real impact on the number of affordable housing units being built. Beyond just the need for more affordable units, the need for more and better supportive housing is paramount as is the need for Ontarions to be able to move their housing subsidies from landlord to landlord – and today’s announcement makes commitments in these areas too. Subsidized housing providers will be thrilled to know that the province recognises that the current process of calculating rent‑geared‑to‑income is cumbersome and that there are plans to simplify the formula.

Take a read of the summary of the province’s announcement. And stay tuned to our blog for more information as the province’s plans become concrete.


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