Thank you for all the support; I’m back at work full time

May 27th, 2016 by Celia Chandler

As many of you know, my partner, Jack, was diagnosed with lung cancer in January.  Princess Margaret Cancer Centre began immediately to treat him aggressively with chemo and radiation; as a result, I’ve been working part‑time.

I’m very pleased to report that Jack’s treatment is largely complete and the test results are very encouraging. He is tired but confident that he’s on the road to recovery.   Jack’s definitely got the power of positive thinking on his side!

Thank you for your expressions of concern over these months ‑‑ how comforting to receive support from such a large circle of friends, many with your own cancer stories.   Thanks too for patiently waiting for me to respond to your emails or for letting me pass work to colleagues.  (I’m so grateful for colleagues who’ve picked up the slack!)

This week I’ve happily returned to work full‑time.   Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me.   And keep the good thoughts coming Jack’s way.

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