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Free webinar series: Back to School with Iler Campbell LLP!

August 20th, 2020 by Iler Campbell

Free webinar series: Back to School with Iler Campbell LLP

With so much talk about education in the news, we’re pleased to provide a safe option for you to brush up on some important legal topics.

Join us every Wednesday in September for free lunchtime webinars in our Back to School series.  No mask required!

Read on for event descriptions and signup links. Can’t make an event? Make sure you’re signed up for our blog — we’ll send a notice when recordings are posted online. Continue reading “Free webinar series: Back to School with Iler Campbell LLP!”

Landlord and Tenant Board Application Fees Increasing July 1

June 25th, 2020 by Iler Campbell

Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) application fees were scheduled to increase on April 1, 2020 but were delayed due to COVID‑19.

Effective this July 1, 2020, most application fees for Landlords, Tenants and Non‑Profit Co‑operatives will increase by six per cent. Application fees are increasing for the first time since January 16, 2017. Fees for items such as copies of documents, hearing recordings, orders and Rules and Guidelines are not increasing. Application fees must be paid at the time an application is filed and the method of payment for applications filed with the LTB remains unchanged. Individuals (not corporations) may be eligible for fee waivers.  See Direction on Fee Waiver and the Fee Waiver Request.

The LTB continues to accept and process all applications during COVID‑19. When possible, telephone and written hearings are being scheduled for non‑eviction matters and urgent eviction matters. Orders are being issued for these matters only.

Though news of application fee increases doesn’t ring well with your pocketbook (especially during this current climate), our team is still providing cost‑effective and high quality service to respond to your goals. Please feel free to discuss any of your LTB needs with us.  We would be happy to assist you.

The cost of lost amenities in COVID-19

May 11th, 2020 by Karly Wilson

A young couple is renting a one‑bedroom plus den unit in a building. They both work from home, and when looking for a new place they were concerned about the cost of renting a place large enough for them both to have a workspace. They chose this building because of its amenities: a gym, a party room, and a common workspace with couches, large tables and free internet access. One of the tenants was able to use the den in the building as a home office and the other used the common workspace in the building. However, with the onset of the global pandemic, all of the shared spaces in the building have been closed, forcing them both to work in the apartment.

Amenities like gyms, pools, business centres, and party rooms are used to induce tenants to move to certain buildings, and often pay higher rents. Now in the age of COVID‑19, tenants have yet to receive any rent relief and are unable to access common spaces that encouraged them to accept these higher costs.

What options do tenants have for relief? And what will that mean for landlords? Continue reading “The cost of lost amenities in COVID-19”

Some helpful clarifications from the LTB regarding evictions

March 30th, 2020 by Iler Campbell

UPDATE Aug 5, 2020: See the latest info here.

Update: the LTB has updated their website forms section to include the Request for Urgent Hearing Motion Form and Instructions for the Request for Urgent Motion Form. See our update for full details.

You may have heard that the LTB has suspended hearings related to eviction applications as well as the issuance of eviction orders. A recently posted update on their website clarifies that while they’re not hearing arrears or N5 or N5C applications, they will continue to hear serious cases in which an N6, N6C, N7 or N7C was served. It is not entirely clear from the update whether they will be proceeding with all of these applications or just those that they deem to be urgent.

We will continue to post updates on our blog as they become available. Continue reading “Some helpful clarifications from the LTB regarding evictions”

The Rental Fairness Act: What does it mean for renters in Ontario?

June 30th, 2017 by Safia Lakhani

This article was first published on

The Rental Fairness Act, (the “RFA”) is part of Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan, a strategy released in April 2017 to promote affordable housing in Toronto. The RFA, which received Royal Assent on May 30, 2017, eliminates the exemption to rent increase rules and requires landlords to compensate tenants if they wish to terminate a tenancy for personal use. Below are some of the key amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act, (the “Act”) and what they mean for affordable housing in Ontario. Continue reading “The Rental Fairness Act: What does it mean for renters in Ontario?”

Landlord and Tenant Board ups its rates effective Jan 16, 2017

December 19th, 2016 by Celia Chandler

Housing providers take note – whether you’re a co‑op or a landlord, the province has decided you will pay more to assert your rights at the LTB starting January 6, 2017.   The co‑op application filing fee will increase $20 to $190.   Landlords have a similar rate increase, but if they file their application electronically they can realize a savings of $15 – making the application fee only $175.

The list of fees is found here.