Iler Campbell spring event roundup

April 12th, 2018 by Iler Campbell

Iler Campbell lawyers have a busy spring conference season. Here’s a roundup of where you can find us leading workshops.

Celia is presenting on Cannabis in housing at the Institute of Housing Management Annual Conference on April 13th and then flying to Winnipeg to speak on the same topic for the CHF Canada 2018 Manitoba Spring Education Event on April 14th. She’ll be co‑leading a free webinar on the topic with Brian Laur, Director of Insurance Services for Housing Services Corporation on April 18 as part of HSC’s webinar series.

Michael will be speaking at AdvantAge Ontario’s Annual General Meeting and Convention on April 18 on the topic of addressing senior resident’s behavior issues.

Celia will be part of a panel on residential landlord-tenant dispute resolution at the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association’s Congress on Housing and Homelessness in Ottawa on April 26th.  We will also be participating in the tradeshow on April 25th.

Shelina and Claudia are presenting at CHFT’s Spring Member Education Event on Saturday April 28th. Shelina is co‑presenting a workshop on social media with Sophie Taylor of PHCH and Shelina and Claudia are presenting on legal cannabis and co‑ops.

On May 11 Celia will be in Sudbury speaking about human rights in housing for CHF Ontario.

Celia will be at CHFC’s AGM in Victoria, BC. She’ll be presenting June 7th on smoking and cannabis in co-ops on and on human rights in co‑ops.

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