Considerations for employers during COVID-19

May 13th, 2020 by Iler Campbell

This is part of a series of webinars we’re running all May long. Check out the other events here!

We’ve just posted a recording of Safia Lakhani’s webinar, “Considerations for employers during COVID-19.” Check it out below.

Webinar description:

Employers are navigating uncharted waters with the current health pandemic. For those employers whose services have been declared essential, you may be wondering about how best to manage your staff during this difficult time; for those employers who have temporarily ceased operations, you likely have questions about maintaining your staff complement with significantly reduced workloads and other options that may be available to you.

This webinar is intended to assist you in understanding your obligations as employers, and to provide an overview of some of the tools made available by the government to assist employers in charting this storm. Topics we will cover include:

  • Health and Safety Obligations and Human Rights Considerations in the Workplace
  • Considerations for remote work arrangements
  • Some of the risks of Temporary and Permanent Lay-Offs
  • Alternatives to Temporary Lay-Offs including:
  • Agreed-upon reduction in hours/salary;
  • the Supplementary Unemployment Benefit;
  • the Work-Sharing Program;
  • Wage Subsidies (the 10% subsidy and 75% subsidy).

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