Free legal webinar series – every Wednesday in May

April 24th, 2020 by Iler Campbell

Every Wednesday in May: Free legal webinars for co-op & non-profit housing, employers and small business.

We know that COVID-19 has brought new challenges, including many legal ones.  We know too that the old legal challenges are all still there. Finally, we know that organizers of all in-person conferences and workshops have cancelled them for the foreseeable future.  The need to learn, however, has not stopped.

We’re here to help.

Join us in May every Wednesday at noon for a free legal webinar series.

Community Living in the time of COVID-19: Navigating the law

May 6 with Celia Chandler, lawyer at Iler Campbell LLP

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Living together in non-profit or co-operative housing can sometimes lead to conflicts. And COVID-19 has made the potential for conflict even greater.

This one-hour webinar will:

  1. remind housing providers about the law that relates to behaviour – primarily the Residential Tenancies Act and the Human Rights Code;
  2. provide some information about tools available to housing providers to resolve these conflicts in non-pandemic times;
  3. talk about how to use these tools during the COVID-19 restrictions; and
  4. think to the future about the long-lasting impacts of this period on housing providers and how they manage tenant and member relationships.

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Considerations for employers during COVID-19

May 13 with Safia Lakhani, lawyer at Iler Campbell LLP

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Employers are navigating uncharted waters with the current health pandemic. For those employers whose services have been declared essential, you may be wondering about how best to manage your staff during this difficult time; for those employers who have temporarily ceased operations, you likely have questions about maintaining your staff complement with significantly reduced workloads and other options that may be available to you.

This webinar is intended to assist you in understanding your obligations as employers, and to provide an overview of some of the tools made available by the government to assist employers in charting this storm.

Visit the event listing for a list of topics covered and to register.

Operations and governance issues for non-profit and co-operative housing providers during COVID-19

May 20 with Claudia Pedrero, lawyer at Iler Campbell LLP

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Ontario co-ops and non-profit housing providers have now been operating under the province’s state of emergency for some time. Adjusting to the restrictions on business operations can be challenging, and the pandemic’s impact on the community can be difficult to manage during a time people need to remain physically distant.

This webinar will cover some of the operational and governance issues affecting non-profit and co-operative housing providers.

Register to attend and read more about the event here.

Considering declaring your small business bankrupt? How to avoid unexpected personal liabilities

May 27 with Michael Hackl, lawyer at Iler Campbell LLP; and Angela K. Pollard, Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Pollard & Associates Inc.

Watch a recording of this webinar:

This webinar will look at how to operate your business in a way that minimizes the chance that you will be personally responsible for business debts if the business ever becomes insolvent.

Visit the event listing for more details and to register to attend.

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