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Angie Joyce retires after 40 years at Iler Campbell. Wishing her all the best

October 25th, 2016 by Brian Iler
Angie, right, signs up her last client, Janis Daly, centre with Lauren Blumas.

Angie, right, signs up her last client, Janis, centre, with Lauren Blumas.

For forty years, there’s been one constant in my life as a lawyer – Angie Joyce has been by my side. That’s now changed ‑ she has retired, after all those years. 

She was in her early twenties when she started working with me, and, when the firm I was in dissolved, she stayed with me through some very lean years – sometimes offering to put off payment of her wages because there was no money to be had – she knew because she did the books.

Her keen attention to detail and her ability to work a file – and with the opposite side on a deal ‑ coupled with her ability to read my mind and my handwriting all contributed immensely to building Iler Campbell into what it is today.

She loved working with our clients, and worked directly with them, most recently on numerous real estate deals as our senior real estate clerk.

She’s been my mentor, cheerleader, and my friend. I will miss her deeply.

I wish her well.    


Construction project? Make sure you know the risks involved. Join us for a free workshop November 2.

October 24th, 2016 by Iler Campbell


Join us at at our offices 9 am on Wednesday November 2 for this free workshop led by Safia Lakhani. Spaces are very limited! Email to save your spot.

Getting it Done: How to Reduce Risk with your Construction Project
Whether you are completing building maintenance and upgrades or conducting larger-scale renovations, there are multiple risks associated with construction jobs. This session will explore ways for co-ops, condominium corporations, non-profit housing organizations, and others embarking on small or large-scale construction to mitigate risks, including: a. knowing the parties to the contract; b. properly reviewing your contract documents; and, for larger scale jobs, c. ensuring there is a bond in place from your general contractor.  We will also review  owners’ obligations under the Construction Lien Act, the provincial statute that outlines the rights and obligations of owners, landlords, contractors, and sub-contractors with respect to construction. There will be time set aside for questions.

This session is also a great opportunity for participants/attendees to get to know one another! We look forward to seeing you.

CASL 2 years in. Are you in compliance? Join us for a free checkup on October 11th.

September 22nd, 2016 by Iler Campbell


When Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) was introduced in 2014 it sparked panic in many people whose jobs involved sending emails. The intricacies of the rules were confusing and the potential fines where huge. Eventually people figured out what they had to do and got on with their jobs.

Since then, we haven’t heard a lot about CASL, but it hasn’t been entirely quiet. Major fines have been levied against offenders and new rules have come into force. Next July, the sections of the law that deal with the private right of action will come into force. Individuals and organizations will be able to sue spammers directly for CASL violations, a development that has some people panicking again.

Join us on October 11 at 4:30 for a CASL refresher with Shelina Ali, an update on what’s happened since it came into force, and a look at where it’s going. Plus, we’ll have Iler Campbell’s IT manager, Fraser Page, on hand to help you through the technical details of CASL compliance.

Want to attend? Email us at Spaces are very limited.

Introducing…. IC Education: an intimate (and free!) workshop series

September 21st, 2016 by Iler Campbell


For many years we’ve run an annual conference called Tools. Together with Prentice Yates and Clark, who co‑sponsored the event with us, we’ve enjoyed the conferences immensely.  However, this year there will be no Tools conference. We’ve decided to try something a little different…

We’re excited to announce that this fall, in lieu of Tools, we will host a series of intimate — and free! ‑- after-work events.  Some will be skill‑building and others more thought‑provoking, but all will address legal issues relevant to managing in non‑profits, charities, co‑ops and social enterprises.

Stay tuned ‑ we’ll be announcing our fist workshop tomorrow with more to follow soon.  If you have ideas for topics you’d like addressed, please let us know.  (Maybe there was a Tools session that you wished you could have attended, or one you know others in the sector would really benefit from?) We’ll be hosting these IC Education events in our downtown Toronto office but we’d also be happy to take them on the road. If you’d like to co‑host sessions please give us a call!

Introducing new lawyer, Katie Douglas

June 21st, 2016 by Iler Campbell

Katie Douglas has articled with us for the last year and we’re very pleased that she’s agreed to stay on as a new  lawyer – she is a great fit for the firm, as those of you who’ve met her will surely agree.  Sharp eyed readers of our blog should recognize her name as one of our regular authors. For more on Katie, take a look at her profile.

Celebrating Brian’s AMS/John Hodgson Award of Excellence in Charity and Not‑For‑Profit Law

June 3rd, 2016 by Iler Campbell

IMG_3005Brian Iler was presented with the 2016 AMS/John Hodgson Award of Excellence in Charity and Not‑For‑Profit Law on June 2 by the Ontario Bar Association Charity and Not-For‑Profit Law Section in a luncheon ceremony. Celia Chandler introduced him with a brief recounting of his career and his personality. She called out “his energy, his idealism, his ability to cut to the chase.”

Brian followed that up with more detail, recounting key moments in his career. He remains, in his words, “an unrepentant 68er ‑ hopeful, not without reason, that with collective and sustained community initiatives, the world can be made a better place.”

Read on for the full text of their comments. There’s some great history in there! Here’s to more great work to come! Read the rest of this entry