Ken Farrell

Ken Farrell, Associate

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I joined Iler Campbell for the opportunity to work for Co-operative Corporations and to promote co-operative principles. I was called to the Bar of the Law Society of Ontario in 2015 and practice in the areas of real estate, estate planning and administration, corporate/commercial transactions, and intellectual property.

I fell in love with the co-operative principles when I was introduced to them at the Centre for Social Innovation. In those 7 simple principles, I see an alternate mode of social and economic organization; a compelling counterpoint to the dominate mode of hierarchical organization which contributes to the experience of inequality, isolation, and irrelevance shared by far too many people.

When first called to the bar, I was a community builder. I was an enabler of like-minded people working for social change. The story of how I went from an idealistic new call to a private-wealth mercenary is but mildly interesting, being a common tale of sacrificing a piece of one’s conscience in exchange for financial stability. I found myself on autopilot – until I saw a job posting for Iler Campbell. “Want to feel good about the work of your clients?” it asked. I did. That job posting affected me as a bellows does an ember. And now here I am. How can I help?

Prior to studying law, I was part of Toronto’s independent music scene. I spent my formative years in Fort McMurray, Alberta, where I grew up wanting to be a hockey player.