Norlinda Padlan

Norlinda Padlan

[email protected]
416-598-0103 ext. 112

I'm Iler Campbell’s corporate law clerk. In that capacity I assist with incorporations, dissolutions and everything in between. I also work with Celia on co-op housing related matters.

I have a Bachelor of Science and Education and worked for 8 years as a Trade and Industry Specialist for the Department of Trade and Industry in the Philippines. After experiencing two coups d’état and countless mass rallies, I made the tough decision to leave for somewhere that could offer me stability. Though Canada wasn’t my first choice -- snow! it's so far away! -- I’ve come to love it here. I even ended up liking snow and freezing temperatures.

I arrived in Canada in 2002 on the last day of Pope John Paul II’s World Youth Day Celebration and it took me a while to get out of working jobs that only offered survival. Someone told me about Skills for Change, a non-profit group that provides job training to immigrants and refugees, and I enrolled in one of their workshops. It was kind of funny because I referred a friend and former colleague from the Department of Trade and Industry to Skills for Change and through the program she landed a job at Iler Campbell. I ended up here because later on, she referred me to Iler Campbell for a job working as a secretary.

Having been here for a decade, I’ve seen how very professional and passionate each member of Iler Campbell team is. I suppose I stayed because I get mentored, appreciated, empowered and valued -- the same values passed on to our clients.