Michael Hackl

Michael Hackl, Partner

mhackl @ ilercampbell.com
416-598-0103 ext. 135

As a member of the litigation team at Iler Campbell, and called to the bar in 1994, I have the opportunity to help our clients with a variety of legal problems including problems arising out of leases, contracts, and human rights issues, as well as employment law matters and issues that arise between co-operatives and their members. Prior to joining Iler Campbell, I practiced for over 20 years at two small Toronto firms as a commercial litigator. While the clients at Iler Campbell are often from different sectors than many of the clients I worked with previously, I believe that the legal issues they have to deal with are often very similar and I am happy to have the opportunity to use my legal skills and experience to assist them.

When I was nearing the end of my undergraduate studies and was considering what my next steps would be, a mentor pointed me toward law on the advice that a career in law would help me to make a lasting difference in the world. Throughout my legal career prior to joining Iler Campbell, I believe I managed to accomplish this goal through my involvement in a number of cases whose decisions helped to develop and shape the law in certain areas. However, I feel that my work at Iler Campbell will help me to accomplish this goal to an even greater degree. Not only will I have the opportunity to take part in cases that will develop the law, I will have the opportunity to help clients whose very goals are to make a positive difference in the world. In fact, it was the opportunity to help the type of clients that Iler Campbell serves that inspired me to apply for a position here.

Outside of work, I am very involved in my community. I am a member of the Board of Directors of Victoria Park Community Homes, which is one of the largest private non-profit providers of affordable housing in Ontario, and am also on the Risk and Audit committee of March of Dimes Canada. I sat on the board of the Oakville Minor Lacrosse Association for a number of years, and served for two years as the president. Prior to that I coached a number of teams in the Minor Oaks Hockey Association. I have also served on the Town of Oakville’s Property Standards Committee and Committee of Adjustment.